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Zakynthos local products

 Zakynthos local products

  The climate of Zakynthos is Medirranean.It has enough rains all the November,December,January and plenty of sunshine all the rest of the year.It has rich vegetation and rich agricultural production of olive trees and raisin.

 Many extents are filled with olive vegetation.One of the main production of the island is the oil of olive.It is produced in big olive press all over the island in a contemporary way,fact that certifies the quality without admitting any deterioration.Large quantities of oil are consumed in the greek market,the rest is exported and it is known for its excellent quality.

  Cheese of oil (ladotiri)

 In Zakynthos is produced hard cheese,from goats milk even from sheep milk.It is known as cheese of oil(ladotiri).It remains for a long time in big containers with oil of olive.


 Zakynthos has large extents with different varieties from vineyards for preparation of different kinds of wines.Each variety of grapes singles about its flavor, color and smell. Wine is available in the domestic market, also abroad.


 Another Zakynthian product is raisin.It is cultivated in large extents .It is one of the principal cultivations of the farmers here for many years now.Large quantities of raisin are exported.


 There is also the mountainous Zakynthos,where is produced Zakynthian honey.Honey is used in the production of  mandolato (torrone) and pasteli.It has a great taste because of the rich vegetation.You can buy honey in stores even by producers,you can ask them to try it.

 Madolato (torrone),Fitoura,Pasteli

 These are all local sweets produced with old recipes from generation to generation.There are small families industries that produce with local ingredients for years now with the same recipes and the same passion all these sweets.There are many shops at  Zakynthos town even counters where you can buy them.They are consumed by locals and foreigners more during the summer months.